Breathing life into your images

Why not mesmerise your clients and get a reputation for doing something just that little bit different from lots of other businesses

Beautiful images are one thing, but online viewing allows us to create something far more special from your images and that is animation and cinemagraphs.

Animated images

  • Animation is added after the photograph has been taken
  • They are not an integral part of the photograph, but added on afterwards as an overlay
  • Some overlays dont conform to part of the original image


  • These are a combination of both photographs and video
  • The moving elements are integral to the image and were captured at the same time as the photograph
  • The moving elements draw users in and keeps their attention for far longer


Video can be used in so many different ways for business.

These include: training, documentaries, interviews, showing a product are just a few.

Measuring Up

Brockwood Load Solutions

default image

I met Moxy a few months back at her fabulous studio in Watlington. Vinehall studios was easy to find and had plenty of parking.

The moment I walked through the door I was greeted with a smile and was made to feel welcome. Nothing was too much trouble, and Moxy gave more than allocated time to photograph my hand painted glasses.

I was thrilled with the results and didn't have to wait long for the pictures. Moxy also taught me a few photography tricks that I now use when I've painted a new design or colour.

I would highly recommend visiting Vinehall studios and would definitely go back in the future.

Lisa Galloway of Spot My Glass 24/03/2019


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Moxy: Product Photographer