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As a product photographer, every client is a new, exciting challenge, and one day is never the same as the next. Adaptability is key in my profession. You will see that I have divided the main areas that I cover into broad sections, but my photography services are not limited to these. Why not book a consultation today and discuss what I can do to add to your business?

There are two main approaches to the production of images for business use and this is why the consultation is vital. A breakdown of each is listed below:

Product Photography 

Focus is on the product

  • Captures product in the best possible way with no distracting clutter
  • The styling and background are neutral
  • Product fills the frame
  • Showcases product in the best possible way

Advertorial Photography

Aim is to make your client want it

  • Captures the emotion, mood that the product can elicit
  • Evokes an “I want” response, which inspires the client to buy
  • Image is more stylised and artistic, with more lighting, colour, props
  • Uses more of a storytelling approach and can incorporate the essence of your brand


360° Photography

Food and Drink

People at Work



Digital Art

moxy commercial artist digital art

Bespoke Images

default image

A perfect little studio, the dressing room is spacious and homely and the set is professional and versatile.

Moxy is a brilliant photographer and allows her creative knowledge to spill onto your ideas, ending with superb results.

I used Vinehall Studios for a commercial shoot for my website and the images that came of the shoot were even better than I had hoped - Moxy even did my hair for me! Highly recommended.

Ebony Colley of Tipi Yoga 24/03/2019


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Moxy: Product Photographer