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As a product photographer, every client is a new, exciting challenge, and one day is never the same as the next. Adaptability is key in my profession. You will see that I have divided the main areas that I cover into broad sections, but my photography services are not limited to these. Why not book a consultation today and discuss what I can do to add to your business?

There are two main approaches to the production of images for business use and this is why the consultation is vital. A breakdown of each is listed below:

Product Photography 

Focus is on the product

  • Captures product in the best possible way with no distracting clutter
  • The styling and background are neutral
  • Product fills the frame
  • Showcases product in the best possible way

Advertorial Photography

Aim is to make your client want it

  • Captures the emotion, mood that the product can elicit
  • Evokes an “I want” response, which inspires the client to buy
  • Image is more stylised and artistic, with more lighting, colour, props
  • Uses more of a storytelling approach and can incorporate the essence of your brand


360° Photography

Food and Drink

People at Work



Digital Art

moxy commercial artist digital art

Bespoke Images

default image

For our first ever video we knew what we wanted to achieve but really struggled with an accurate brief.

Moxy took our ramblings and produced a sharp and concise film that met all our objectives with minimal fuss or amendments.

We will not hesitate to use her again in future videos we have planned.

Gary Plum of Brookwood Load Solutions Ltd 24/03/2019


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