Looking for expert images of your products to wow your target audience?

For images that are clean, well-lit and professionally edited that are guaranteed to inspire, motivate and engage?

Benefits of a Professional Product Photography Service

  • We can design and build bespoke sets created especially for you and your company
  • Our service automatically includes retouching to correct colour glitches; removing any blemishes such as dust and a bit of digital polishing
  • Our high resolution, quality images can be used in brochures, publications, ecommerce and email campaigns
  • Investment in professional images reinforces your reputation and generates sales

What professional service best suits your product and selling style?


Packshots are usually shot against a clean white background for best effect when planning to use the images for e-commerce (selling sites).

Product Lifestyle

Product Lifestyle images aim to illustrate your products within a ‘real life’ setting: maybe showing them being used; or alongside carefully selected accessories that create the right association; or even with a professional model or hand model using/displaying the product to its best advantage.

Products + Packaging

Sometimes it is appropriate to show your product with, or within, its packaging. This can be relevant if the packaging is a selling feature or point of interest in itself.


Flatlay is the format most commonly used for products intended to be displayed on blogs and Instagram. This usually involves taking a bird’s eye view from above, of a selection of objects, strategically laid out on white or a plain background

Tabletop Photography

Tabletop photography creates stylish images of your products positioned on a table; but where the table is included in the shot to enhance the overall picture.

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I met Moxy a few months back at her fabulous studio in Watlington. Vinehall studios was easy to find and had plenty of parking.

The moment I walked through the door I was greeted with a smile and was made to feel welcome. Nothing was too much trouble, and Moxy gave more than allocated time to photograph my hand painted glasses.

I was thrilled with the results and didn't have to wait long for the pictures. Moxy also taught me a few photography tricks that I now use when I've painted a new design or colour.

I would highly recommend visiting Vinehall studios and would definitely go back in the future.

Lisa Galloway of Spot My Glass 24/03/2019


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Moxy: Product Photographer