Looking for expert images of your products to wow your target audience?

For images that are clean, well-lit and professionally edited that are guaranteed to inspire, motivate and engage?

Benefits of a Professional Product Photography Service

  • We can design and build bespoke sets created especially for you and your company
  • Our service automatically includes retouching to correct colour glitches; removing any blemishes such as dust and a bit of digital polishing
  • Our high resolution, quality images can be used in brochures, publications, ecommerce and email campaigns
  • Investment in professional images reinforces your reputation and generates sales

What professional service best suits your product and selling style?


Packshots are usually shot against a clean white background for best effect when planning to use the images for e-commerce (selling sites).

Product Lifestyle

Product Lifestyle images aim to illustrate your products within a ‘real life’ setting: maybe showing them being used; or alongside carefully selected accessories that create the right association; or even with a professional model or hand model using/displaying the product to its best advantage.

Products + Packaging

Sometimes it is appropriate to show your product with, or within, its packaging. This can be relevant if the packaging is a selling feature or point of interest in itself.


Flatlay is the format most commonly used for products intended to be displayed on blogs and Instagram. This usually involves taking a bird’s eye view from above, of a selection of objects, strategically laid out on white or a plain background

Tabletop Photography

Tabletop photography creates stylish images of your products positioned on a table; but where the table is included in the shot to enhance the overall picture.

default image

For our first ever video we knew what we wanted to achieve but really struggled with an accurate brief.

Moxy took our ramblings and produced a sharp and concise film that met all our objectives with minimal fuss or amendments.

We will not hesitate to use her again in future videos we have planned.

Gary Plum of Brookwood Load Solutions Ltd 24/03/2019


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Moxy: Product Photographer