Are you looking for that unique headshot that places you head and shoulders above the rest?

I pride myself in producing professional headshots and portrait photographs that show you at your best: relaxed, well-lit and avoiding the usual lack of character and oft-seen clichés.

Thoughtfully posed photographs of yourself and/or employees at work can either be taken at your place of work; on location; or in our comfortable studio, if only headshots are required. We usually ask for you come prepared with a choice of outfits to get the best shot.

Professional Portrait Options

Commercial Headshot

Commercial headshots concentrate on the head and shoulders and are usually taken against a workplace background; they can be formal or informal in style.

Posed Portrait

A work orientated portrait invariably features your place of work: maybe your desk or the factory/workshop where you are creating your products. The portrait often takes the form of a posed photo with the subject looking directly at the camera.

Documentary Shot

Documentary style photos employ a more candid approach by encouraging the subject to look away from the camera. This more relaxed choice of shot can help you look more friendly and approachable, and may fit better with your brand.

Sometimes it is appropriate to use models in lifestyle documentary shots: where you want your products displayed in use, for example.

Group Shots and Business Teams

The same care and consideration is given to imaginative portrait shots of larger numbers of personnel; and equally, can be taken in the studio, on location or in the workplace as appropriate.

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I couldn't be happier! Moxy is a lovely, accommodating photographer with an absolutely beautiful dressing room! I walked in with little confidence and left feeling great.

I now have some very special, elegant photographs, an amazing memory of my day.

Thank you Moxy for a wonderful experience.

Karen 24/03/2019


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