It is not all bad news ~

No one prints Photographs anymore….. but is it all bad?

In the time of mobile phones, there is a great concern that in years to come there will be a lack of the printed image to tell the story of our times.

I am a commercial photographer who only takes snaps with my phone as in to capture the moment as opposed to composing). Images taken with my grown-up camera are for clients and personal projects. I agree with this concern –


I have discovered something really special. I ran out of space on my phone!!! so scrolling through I was taken through many years of sheer nostalgia, the minutiae of my life, the little moments I would have forgotten about, the hair changes, silly positions our dogs get into, photos of little achievements. Things I have to remember. The place where we sprinkled my mother’s ashes, holidays, a lovely meal event. Even writing this makes me smile as I am scrolling through my phone as I write this.

I wouldn’t have this record if I had only used my grown-up camera to take photographs. So it is not all bad, BUT I must just remember to not delete them and print some out just occasionally.

A final recommendation. If you have lots of photos on your phone. Take a quiet moment to scroll through and reminisce.