Telling your Product’s Story

Why is lifestyle photography so popular today? Well, it can tell the “story” of your product with perfect precision within a single image; and also establishes an immediate visual and emotive connection with your clients. It is also useful in that it doesn’t focus solely on your target audience; but also motivates them to buy other products you have on your website. Importantly, you should note that context plays an important role in lifestyle product photos.

Advantages of Product Lifestyle Photography:

  • Demonstrates the quality/size/shape of your product
  • Can feature the product from different angles
  • Puts the product into context
  • Instantly describes any features of the product’s usage
  • Creates an immediate visual connection with clients

My skill as photographer is to be in effect, invisible, so that the images look completely natural.

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I couldn't be happier! Moxy is a lovely, accommodating photographer with an absolutely beautiful dressing room! I walked in with little confidence and left feeling great.

I now have some very special, elegant photographs, an amazing memory of my day.

Thank you Moxy for a wonderful experience.

Karen 24/03/2019


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