My route to being a photographer ~

I wasn’t born with a camera in my hand

Moxy Commercial PhotographerLike most photographers, I was born with a camera in my hand. Okay, maybe this is an exaggeration. Certainly, at an early age after being given a brownie I took quite a few awful photos.

Years on I bought a film SLR & dabbled. Roll on 10 or so years I suddenly got the urge to take photos again. I was working at the FSA in London & met a fellow photographer. I challenged him to a photographic dual. I LOST.

Armed with this defeat I set up a club at work. It gained many members. However, there was a problem, because I started the club people believed I was an expert & would be running courses to help THEM. Once again, I could either admit failure or rise to the challenge so I practiced endlessly refining my skill.

I decided to photograph full time. My passion was studio work after buying flash & that was the changing point I loved being able to control light on my subjects. So a studio was required.

Eventually, I found a unit at Vinehall Business Centre it needed work there was no level floor being an old cow shed & no insulated roof. Much work was needed to get it right & ready as a studio creating a changing room, toilet & heating but we made it & here I am today seven years later still working in my studio