We adopt a “4C” approach to our booking process, Consultation, Contract, Camera Magic and …Carrier Pigeon.

Ok so we couldn’t think of a C for product delivery.


Let’s get started

The creative process starts with a friendly but comprehensive consultation where we find out exactly what images you need; how we can help you achieve them, and most importantly –

so I can get to know more about you – a detailed discussion about your business and brand, and how my images can best support you.

Be prepared to answer these questions:

Who are your target audience?
What are you planning to promote and how?
What are you currently known for?
How strong is your brand?
Where are the images to be used?
What location do you have in mind?
Creative/ aspirational ideas so far?

Once we get an idea of the project parameters we can come back to you with your bespoke project cost


For your peace of mind

Once we have a clear outline of your proposed images, usage and other details, we will produce a formal contract for signature.

The contract is a legal formality, which requires your signature before work can continue, and covers all the essential details as well as:

Shoot location
Dates and Duration
Usage of images
Licence duration
Right to credit
Agreed Fee
Your Rights

[Here] is a link to a copy of the contract


From imagination to image…

The creative process begins when the photoshoots are scheduled – either on location or in my studio. You are welcome to be a part of this process.

After this, the images are downloaded onto the computer, edited and exported to the specifications required.

Should you require that extra touch of magic, using our additional services we can create a digital work of art, simple animation or 360­° out of your image.


Winging those amazing images into your inbox

Ok, so we don’t use carrier pigeons, but I cannot think of another “C”.
The final part of the process is that we deliver the images in the formats agreed so that you can use them straight away.

Once we have received a receipt of delivery, we will keep the images on our system for 2 weeks before archiving them.


Call: 07912 344954

Moxy: Product Photographer

default image

Moxy came recommended through a friend, always a good start. The studio is well placed and easy to find.

I was not entirely sure what I wanted to achieve from my product shots, so was really looking for professional guidance to get the best outcome.

I felt confident that I had chosen well.  At no point did we feel rushed or under time pressure. The studio has a comfy lounge area where we had a drink and relaxed.

We had a great shoot with Moxy listening to our ideas and making adjustments so that all parties were happy with the results.

Proofs were sent out within 48 hours for our approval.  We were more than pleased with the whole experience, and would not hesitate to recommend Moxy of Vinehall Studios.

Carolyn Orchard of Castafiore 24/03/2019