Expect to get Wet ~

A Splashing Time

This was one of the most challenging images I have taken to date. Now I have done it, I can do it in a fraction of the time and more efficiently.

Lessons that have come out of this shot for anyone else wanting to have a go. Let’s start with the most obvious – don’t use glass. Secondly…. you will get wet, as will everything in the vicinity. So do it in someone else’s studio. Fill large drinking bottles of water with replacement water. Running to the tap each time wears the flooring out and spreads the water out further.

Expect to take… a lot of shots before you get the splashes that you like. You will sometimes miss the splash, other times there wont be enough splash and other times so much that you lose the colouring in the glasses.

Of course. If you would like a shot like this and don’t have the time, equipment or wherewithal, please contact me. I have lots and lots of plastic and towels in my studio and am equipped to take these shots.