Are you interested in a cutting edge way to show the features of your products with interactive images

These are images of your products that can be rotated on the screen either with a mouse, touchpad, stylus or finger.   This will enable you to display features of your product without having to use multiple images.

Benefits of 360° Product Photography

  • This type of image is becoming an increasingly popular way to display the features of your products.
  • It is engaging because your clients take control of their viewing experience.
  • It is still a relatively new technology, so not many businesses are using it yet
  • They have a 3 times higher conversion rate than normal photography and a higher repeat rate
  • They increase the time spent on your website

How are 360° product images produced?

Using a specialist turntable, many images are taken of your product and these are then compiled to produce an interactive image.

default image

For our first ever video we knew what we wanted to achieve but really struggled with an accurate brief.

Moxy took our ramblings and produced a sharp and concise film that met all our objectives with minimal fuss or amendments.

We will not hesitate to use her again in future videos we have planned.

Gary Plum of Brookwood Load Solutions Ltd 24/03/2019


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Moxy: Product Photographer