Are you looking for a creative product photographer with a difference?

Striking, impactful visual imagery that blasts away ordinariness.

This is Moxy Photography.

We’re product photographers working in Kent and East Sussex. With over 17 years’ experience, we take amazing photographs of things. Beautiful things, unusual things, and everyday things; Moxy is all about creativity and imagination.

We love to combine our artistic, creative skills with clever technical know-how.
The result? Dazzling images to make your audience look up and take notice. And then look again.

Designed, planned and shot with immense skill, and a superior knowledge of lighting techniques, our goal is to deliver images that will sell, persuade or deliver your particular message to your target market.

You will simply love our style. You’ll love working with us, too. Photography is our passion and our life.

Ageless, Enduring Photographs That Stop Time

Like fine wine, or classic designer styling, here at Moxy Photography our artistic senses tell us that you prefer product photography with longevity in mind; pictures that won’t date quickly. So, we’re more than happy to oblige. We offer enduring, timeless images that you can use and enjoy now, and in 10 years’ time. From initial concepts through to delivery, we aim to portray everything that’s great and durable about your products and your business.

Who We Work With

Every industry sector that needs great product images needs Moxy Product Photographer.

Moxy Photographer can work with advertising and photographic agencies, as well as directly with commercial clients. For example, bars, restaurants, retail and leisure businesses, jewellers, the luxury goods sector, the retail and leisure sector, packaging manufacturers – the list is simply endless.

Clearly, your business is unique; your products distinct, and distinctive. This is no average commercial product photographer. There’s a good match here, we think. Why not get in touch today?

Top Quality Images of your Business


Benefits To Your Potential Clients

  • Clients engage more with a documentary/storytelling approach
  • People trust a website with professional images
  • Beautiful image content inspires clients to take action
  • Quality images help communicate reliability and quality and promotes trust
  • Authenticity of true images and the chance to show benefits of use
  • Originality attracts attention and makes you a talking point in your field

Benefits to you

  • Maintain consistency of brand increases confidence in you helping you to connect to your clients
  • Creation of images which reflect your brand provides consistency, brand and most of all, your business awareness
  • Professional images help communicate reliability and quality
  • Conveys the quality and not the size and age of your company (great for startups and small businesses. After all, even small companies deserve a big brand image)
  • Production of personalised custom content, so you won’t be seen to be using the same images as some of the businesses in your field

We too are frustrated by the number of distractions that today’s life presents. So every little thing that keeps viewers attention just that bit longer and impels them to take action is imperative.

Check out some of our testimonials on the site to see how our images have affected their business.



Call: 07912 344954

Moxy: Your Product Photographer

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I met Moxy a few months back at her fabulous studio in Watlington. Vinehall studios was easy to find and had plenty of parking.

The moment I walked through the door I was greeted with a smile and was made to feel welcome. Nothing was too much trouble, and Moxy gave more than allocated time to photograph my hand painted glasses.

I was thrilled with the results and didn't have to wait long for the pictures. Moxy also taught me a few photography tricks that I now use when I've painted a new design or colour.

I would highly recommend visiting Vinehall studios and would definitely go back in the future.

Lisa Galloway of Spot My Glass 24/03/2019